"Italy of the future" is an interactive exhibition that presents a selection of examples of “excellence” developed by the most important national research institutions. The aim is to show an image of Italy in which science and technology represent the pivots of development, training opportunities and investment, beside the common belief that mainly links Italy to its artistic and literary culture.

The exhibition presents examples of technologies or projects in which Italy has a leading role and consists of stations also called “islands”, each devoted to a specific subject area. Many exhibits are complemented by impressive artistic or photographic images, some of which are taken from the archive of “RiScattiamo la Scienza", the contest launched by the National Research Council of Italy in 2013 on the occasion of the celebrations for the 90th anniversary from its establishment. It is thus an innovative exhibition itinerary in which “art” and “science” are integrated and “complement each other to provide the necessary keys to understand nature” (see Frank Oppenheimer, founder of the Exploratorium Museum of San Francisco).

Video and multimedia stations complete the workspace.

The learning pattern is based on a “hands-on” approach, according to which direct experience is the most effective gateway to science laws and phenomena.